The Art of Nourishment

29/9 -3/10  2021.

Balance your hormones, enhance your digestion, boost your energy and banish negative body talk. This week is about celebrating life and falling in love with food again!

Through stillness, journaling, movement, and preparation of various delicious vegetarian meals and smoothies, foraging for wild plants and herbs, you will return home with lots of joy and inspiration! 

Dieting, and the obsessive thinking that accompanies it, creates stress chemistry, weakens your metabolic powers and, ironically, fosters an endless cycle of weight gain, compromised immunity, low energy and a cascade of other unwanted symptoms. 

However, freedom from the diet trap is possible. A life beyond the scales is within reach. We know, because we have found it and are here to share it with you.

During this week, you will rewrite your food script – and discover a liberating new approach to your body, to food, and your life.

NB. This retreat will be held in English.



Jennifer Carr is a certified transformational eating coach registered with the Institute of the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado. She works with men and women from all over the globe to overcome limiting beliefs and obsessive behaviours around food, dieting and body image. She believes our world is in a deep crisis of perfectionism that’s fuelled by “not-enoughness”. Our culture teaches us that if we can just look a certain way, or diet a certain way, that happiness is within our grasp. 

It’s time to unlearn this idea. It’s time to embrace food with a peaceful, balanced attitude that frees us up to nourishment and pleasurable eating without extremes. 


Kristina Dürr is a certified Virya yoga instructor with 500 hours according to the Yoga Alliance criteria, with many years of hands-on experience teaching yoga, pilates, meditation and health. Through her personal and deep knowledge and practice of mindfulness and meditation, passion for intuitive leadership and understanding of people’s desire to find the courage to be themselves, she seeks to offer everyone the room to grow without striving or being compared to others.

Kristina runs Kullåkra Gård which she wants to be a place where people can reconnect with themselves and their own rhythm of life.



Wednesday 29/9

  • 14.00 Welcome snack 
  • Tour of the grounds and presentation of Kullåkra
  • 16.00 Yoga
  • 18.30 Dinner
  • 20.00 Gathering round the fire
  • 22.00 Good night

Thursday 30/9

  • 07.00 Fruit, coffee and tea
  • 07.30 Yoga
  • 10.00 Hearty breakfast
  • Free time
  • 14.30 Snack
  • 16.00 Workshop on Mindful Nourishment
  • 18.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 Evening meditation 

Fridag 1/10

  • 07.00 Fruit, coffee and tea
  • 07.30 Yoga
  • 10.00 Hearty breakfast
  • Free time
  • 14.30 Snack
  • 16.00 Reiki Treatments/Optional group walk to the beach
  • 18.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 Evening meditation

Saturday 2/10

  • 07.00 Fruit, coffee and tea
  • 07.30 Yoga
  • 10.00 Hearty breakfast
  • Free time
  • 14.30 Snack
  • 16.00 Garden Journaling  – expanding on retreat theme
  • 18.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 Evening meditation

Sunday 3/10

  • 07.00 Fruit, coffee and tea
  • 07.30 Yoga
  • 09.30 Hearty breakfast
  • 11.30 Closure and sharing
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Farewells and departures

NB. Minor changes in scheduling may occur 



Meals – Kullåkra Gård exclusively provides thoughtfully and affectionately home-cooked food. It is either vegan or vegetarian, locally produced and organic, and tailored to work well when practicing yoga – not too heavy, yet nutritious and filling.

Kullåkra’s own retreat chef is called Julia and she is a trained nutritionist with many years of experience from the café and restaurant industry. Julia has lived as a vegan for five years and runs the company Bönan & Ärtan AB, which inspires people to live healthier lives. She has a university degree in chemistry and nutrition and her cooking is full of nourishment, love and, knowledge.

During our retreats, she is happy to tell the story of her cooking and the food you are eating, and suggests how you as a participant can cook good vegetarian or vegan food at home. She hopes to inspire Kullåkra’s participants to become good friends with the green kitchen and how the food we eat can be our medicine and help us feel good.

Lodging – You stay in a single room or part of a double room* in the farm’s cozy and fully-equipped guesthouse. Our rooms are spacious and it is easy to keep physical distance, whilst remaining socially connected.

* only for couples or friends who normally hang out



Kullåkra Gård is the perfect place to participate in a retreat.

We know that many people are tired of superficiality and want to live with a greater measure of sincerity in their lives. There are several of us who share a longing to step out of everyday buzz and noise and find our way back to our own pace.

When you come to us, you get the opportunity to take a total break from your ordinary life with everyday obligations and hectic lifestyle. You get time to rest and catch up with yourself in a beautiful and peaceful environment that promotes recovery, health, and inspiration.

The practical chores are taken care of by us, which means that you can feel both safe and taken care of. Slowly, the stress begins to release and you find yourself at a slower pace and have space to reflect on what is really valuable to you in your life.

You can fully indulge in your retreat experience with us.



10 400 kr

What’s included

  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Art of Nourishment activities guided by Jen
  • Accommodation
  • All meals (NB. don’t forget to inform us about allergies or dietary requirements you may have)
  • Towels and bed linens



By clicking the button at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to the booking page. 



Payment for this retreat is made directly to Kullåkra Gård. Once you make your reservation, via the button below, you will receive a confirmation email for your registration that will include further information concerning payment methods. 



If cancellation is made NO LATER THAN 30 days before start, the full amount minus the booking fee of 1 500 kr will be refunded.

If cancellation is made no later than 15 days before start, 50% of the retreat price will be refunded.

If canceled 14 days or less before the course starts, no refund will be made. The exception is illness, see below.*

* If you become ill and cancel less than 7 days before the retreat, you will receive a full refund minus the booking fee of 1 500 kr upon presentation of a certificate from a doctor



We assume that you refrain from participating if you show symptoms of Covid-19. Read more about it by clicking on the links below. We are closely following the developments and consequences of the novel Corona-virus and will of course follow the recommendations given by the Public Health Authority and Region Skåne’s infection protection.



You will find us in Svinaberga, just a couple of kilometers from Kivik where the view is the most beautiful!

Click on this link to get to the farm on Google Maps, or search for ”Kullåkra Gård – Yoga, Pilates & Retreat on Österlen” on Google.



Keep in mind that Kullåkra Gård has animals on the farm, a dog, a cat, nine sheep, and six horses.

If you have questions or concerns, just email us at 



By clicking the button below, you will be taken to the booking page. 

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